About Us

First we want to introduce our brand with the meaning and how it connects us the creators to you the consumer


The meaning of “AURA” is the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person,thing,or place. We bring that definition to life with this brand creating a nice look and an even better feel with top of the line quality and different styles. Fit for any and everyone, from gender, age, style, sex and size. Join the AuraFly family on a adventure into fashion as we further express our passion and creativity, through our different variety of items.

AuraFly Clothing originated in the State Indiana, City of Indianapolis, 2020 November 11, the spawn of this brand started as an idea or a wish on a star. I always had an eye for fashion and always figured at some point I'd be able to add my own dab of creativeness and touch to the market. Also in doing so I'd be able to share a piece of me, and a piece of my untraditional color-ways that appeal and grab me.